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Where to Get Your First 44 Backlinks

You have just set up your new website and you want the world to hear what you have to say. The problem is, with all of the conflicting advice about link building you don’t know where to start. Not to worry though, today we are going to show you exactly where to get started with your link building.

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5 Ways to Increase ECommerce Conversions

1. Offer better customer service. It is pretty common for e-commerce merchants to offer customer service solutions like live chat on their websites, but it is not enough to simply feature a live chat call-to-action (CTA) on the landing page. In fact, a recent Moxie Software survey reveals that 72 percent of respondents want brands to proactively engage with them online – especially when they are struggling on a website.…

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Blogging for Better SEO

Most Web professionals have heard of the potential SEO benefits of including a blog on their websites and updating it regularly. After talking with countless business owners though, it became apparent that many of them do not understand why blogging helps with SEO and with that, why it fails sometimes as well.

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10 Ways to Design An Effective Pricing Page

If you run a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, or you only have one product to sell, then you probably have one single, dedicated pricing page. Here’s how to make sure your pricing page is effective.

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4 Social Media Updates to Make Right Now

In the race to win brands’ advertising dollars, social media networks are pushing out updates faster than consumers can hit like, retweet or pin. In the last few weeks alone, Pinterest improved its guided search, Twitter offered group messaging and Facebook cleaned up its newsfeed (again). Website Magazine details these many updates in our Social Media Mavens channel as well in our new feature, Social Snapshot. To help brands stay…

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Step-By-Step Lead Nurturing

Today’s consumers are a well-educated bunch. They know where to look for reviews that they’ll trust, find the latest promo codes, get free shipping, ignore promotional messaging with ease and more – all in the name of getting the best product or service for the best price from the best brand. This all done, of course, on their own terms – whether that’s asking questions on social media, switching from…

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