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Trademarks and SEO

Trademarks and SEO

Trademarks and search engine optimization (SEO) have been hot topics since search became monetized many moons ago. Websites are now essential for any business, and search engines are what attract potential customers to you. Using relevant information and certain keywords is what brings this traffic in. Both trademarks and search engine optimization are broad and complex topics, so let’s first let’s define them. Once we briefly define them, we’ll discuss how they relate to one another.

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Holiday Season Marketing Strategies

Holiday Season Marketing

No matter what kind of business you’re running, the holiday season is the optimal time for skillful and efficient marketing strategies. From Halloween to New Year’s Day, the holiday season is full of opportunities to sell, sell, sell. Let’s dive into some holiday marketing strategies that can propel your products and services this season.

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Is Connected TV Advertising Right for Your Business?

connected tv advertising

Connected TV is now at the heart and center of what is defined as TV advertising. It has seen quite a surge in popularity over the years. And for good reason. More than 164 million U.S. users are accessing content through connected TV, with it expecting to rise to a whopping 204 million by 2022. The allure of getting your ads on the big screen without a huge price tag is only one of many reasons for its expanding demand.

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