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Consumer Intent & SEO

consumer intent

When trying to build a presence on the web, most companies understand that content is key. However, while the term search engine optimization (SEO) is often thrown around, what many companies fail to consider is consumer intent. Understanding consumer search intent is one of the secret ingredients that can take your content from being just okay to being outstanding.

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How To Improve Your Online Customer Experience

online customer experience

With so many shoppers now completing the bulk of their purchases online, a positive online customer experience is even more important. According to recent market research studies, as much as 20 percent of annual revenues are lost solely due to poor online customer experiences. There are many reasons that consumers can be turned off by online shopping. Common problems range from poor site layout and slow load times to inaccurate listings and website glitches. At the end of the day, it all boils down to not having the right digital tools to serve and interact with customers correctly.

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What is a Map Pack on Search?

What is a map pack computer mobile search

What is a map pack on search? When someone searches for a local service or business location online, Google will show a map along with the organic search results without another click being needed. These map packs appear in about 30 percent of first page SERPs. This makes the map pack the most common displayed feature.

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