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What is Google’s Search Generative Experience?

What is Google's Search Generative Experience?

A 2023 survey of 2,205 Americans shows that search, smart assistants, and shopping recommendations offer the most interesting AI products. More than 25% of internet users trust AI search results, ads, and brand recommendations. Users also believe that search results are unbiased, factual, and trustworthy. 40% of millennial Americans are willing to shift to an AI-powered search system, like Google Search Generative Experience, over conventional search tools. But what is Google’s Search Generative Experience? Keep reading to learn more about how to use Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) and how it works.

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Should I Add Live Chat to My Website?

Should I Add Live Chat to My Website?

Are you looking for strategies to improve your website UX? Live chat features on websites are a great way to improve customer service and enhance user experience. Chat widgets can increase customer engagement, boost conversions, and bolster reputation. Let’s discuss the value of adding live chat to your website.

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How Do I Know if a QR Code Is Safe?

How Do I Know if a QR Code is Safe?

The QR (Quick Response) code was invented in 1994, and first used by Masahiro Hara as an easier way to track vehicles on a manufacturing production line. Since their introduction, QR codes have become commonplace and are used as an easy way to access restaurant menus, parking meters, and more. But how do you know the QR code you are scanning is safe? Here’s a quick guide that walks you through QR codes, how they work, and how to stay safe.

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