Holiday Season Marketing Strategies

No matter what kind of business you’re running, the holiday season is the optimal time for skillful and efficient marketing strategies. From Halloween to New Year’s Day, the holiday season is full of opportunities to sell, sell, sell. Let’s dive into some holiday marketing strategies that can propel your products and services this season.

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Is Connected TV Advertising Right for Your Business?

Connected TV is now at the heart and center of what is defined as TV advertising. It has seen quite a surge in popularity over the years. And for good reason. More than 164 million U.S. users are accessing content through connected TV, with it expecting to rise to a whopping 204 million by 2022. The allure of getting your ads on the big screen without a huge price tag…

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Vacation Planning Search Tools

Taking a vacation is what most people look forward to when they want to relieve tension and stress from their everyday lives. It is also what most people think of when they want to breathe fresh air. A vacation can be taken by yourself, with your friends, or with your loved ones. It can be your source of quality time together or your source of joy and happiness. That is…

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Types of Bad Backlinks To Avoid

  Bad backlinks are links typically from an untrusted website. Google has been cracking down on these types of links. People are paying for links to have more clicks because it results in a higher ranking and higher authority which can pose a problem to the users due to the risks and dangers that come with it.

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One Year Later: Pandemic Changes in Marketing

As a result of the pandemic forcing many people to stay at home, it’s no surprise that phone usage increased dramatically. As the months passed, user levels of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and other social media sites skyrocketed. These social sites provided people a way to safely interact with others during the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many companies to make changes to their marketing plans. Since fewer people were…

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Responding to Online Reviews

Until recently, an unhappy customer was somewhat limited in their ability to express negative opinions about the company out loud. Since the arrival of popular review sites, it has become easier and more comfortable to listen to customers and respond to online reviews.

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