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We help businesses grow, it's what we do.

Who We Are

Who We Are

I, Nabil Molai, started Omaha SEO company, a family-owned local company in Omaha more than 10 years ago. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE OUR WORK TO ANYBODY, EVERYTHING IS DONE LOCALLY. We are a premier internet marketing company providing Omaha SEO services as well as a wealth of additional services to clients both locally and across the US. Our goal is to continually over-deliver to each and every client. We are a team of SEO experts, web design wizards, social media masterminds, and online reputation management specialists. With MORE THAN 15 years of experience, we have developed a system that ensures the success of our clients.

We have successfully ranked clients across virtually every market imaginable from highly competitive markets to local businesses, and nationally focused businesses.

Omaha SEO Company is here to do one thing: Grow your business!  That is what we do, and that’s what we’re all about.   When we begin working with a client, we see it as becoming part of the team.  This is why we maintain the long-term relationships we have with clients.  And this is why we continue exceeding expectations for every client. You will never be treated like a number. And as any of our clients will tell you, we provide personal service and always listen to our clients’ needs no matter how large or small a company.

Our Concepts

Our Views

Our Philosophy

We have a very specific philosophy. Most say that you need visibility EVERYWHERE, but we believe you should focus your efforts only where it will count the most. Our focus is on performing the activities that will lead to the most return. We have many of clients and profit from everyone, under all circumstances - so we are not in the business of nickel and diming any customers.

Our Reputation

Very rarely will you find firms that ranked high last year, ranking high this year. Through Google algorithm updates and lack of external linking support, the search results related to "seo firms" have changed by 70% year, over year, over year. We are one of the best SEO companies in Omaha, NE and beyond because we're consistent. Consistent long term results will beat inconsistent explosive short term results any day.

What our clients say


  • We were doing business with another local company and we were not satisfied with their SEO, marketing, and social media work. We teamed up with Omaha SEO Company and all we can say is, "Wow" Our business has increased, our website is updated quickly, and the SEO they are doing for us is the best we have ever received. To top it off, their customer service is unbeatable. You will receive a response in minutes and changes made on the same day. Best Marketing, SEO, SEM company we have ever worked with.
    Great Plains Auto Body
  • If you're a business owner like me you're always striving to increase awareness of your brand, and drive as much freaking traffic to your website and/ or brick-and-mortar location as possible, because your business will either strive or die by this. About 6-months ago I was introduced to a guy by the name of Nabil Molai, through a buddy of mine who owns a pretty good sized company here in Omaha. His company, like many others, is absolutely dependent upon the e-commerce revenue they generate. Prior to meeting Nabil, I thought I knew quite a bit about SEO. After meeting and contracting Nabil's company for 88 Tactical I soon realized I didn't know squat about it. The amount of traffic he has drawn to our site has been absolutely ridiculous. We know this because we've seen the detailed reports, and we've noticed an influx in revenue. So, for those of you who own your own business who are looking for a topnotch, legitimate SEO company that will give you the results you need, look no further because Nabil at the Omaha SEO Company is the right one. They do an incredible job on SEO, blogging, website design & updates, social media and a bunch of other good stuff.
    88 Tactical Group
  • They have doubled our customer base and our revenue in just 3 months. They are handling all of our digital marketing needs including Organic SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Blogging and more!
    America's Best Choice Windows, Doors & More